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Nathan L. Buckley
A.I.I.™ accredited Master Home Inspector
Oregon State Certified Home Inspector # 337
Oregon C.C.B. # 110603

Whole House Inspections
Pest & Dry Rot Inspections
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Serving Klamath and Lake counties since 1996.
About Our Company

Buckley's Inspection Services, Inc. has been providing quality residential and commercial inspections in Klamath Falls and the surrounding area since 1996. Nathan is an experienced inspector with over 15 years of related construction and inspection experience.

Home inspections are a full-time occupation for us, which means Nathan is constantly honing his skills. Nathan also completes approximately 40 hours of continuing education each year to keep current with new information and to provide our clients with the best information possible. Continuing education topics vary from "back to basics" to the latest inspection technology.

Nathan is the Klamath Basin's only A.I.I.™ accredited Master Home Inspector. Master Home Inspector is the highest level of continuing education achievement offered by the American Institute of Inspectors®. Members must have been certified for at least four years and complete a minimum of 36 hours of continuing education per year to receive this recognition.

Other certifications he has completed through the American Institute of Inspectors® include: Whole House Inspections (# 1247), Pest & Dry Rot Inspections (#6015), Commercial Inspections (#C5005), Mobile Home Inspections (#M-3040). Nathan has also been certified through PaRR (Partnership for Response and Recovery) Inspections as a Disaster Housing Inspector. These inspectors are trained to conduct habitability inspections on residential buildings that have been damaged by natural disasters.

Nathan is also a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. (NACHI), the world’s largest organization of residential and commercial property inspectors.

We are known for our exemplary customer service! If you need something special, we will do our best to accommodate you.

You can feel confident that you are getting the best inspection as well as a great value when you choose Buckley's Inspection Services, Inc.

Our Reports

We offer thorough, unbiased evaluations in a report format that is easy to read and understand.

Our whole house inspection reports are computer-generated using the 3-D Inspection System software. These reports typically include digital photos to emphasize and clarify issues reported. We try to point out not only the weaknesses of the property, but the strengths as well.

We realize time is of the essence in real estate transactions and we strive to deliver our reports by the next business day. When possible, we hand-deliver the completed reports; additionally we offer e-mail service for the fastest delivery. Alternate delivery methods such as postal mail and fax are available upon request.

Our Pest & Dry Rot inspection reports are also computer-generated and in addition to the findings these reports include repair recommendations for the goal of a clear report. Pest & Dry Rot inspection reports may also include a diagram of the understructure to clarify the location of conditions.

Our reports are prepared at our office. We feel that reports prepared on-site may not give the inspector adequate time to thoroughly report all conditions and also does not allow for extra time for further investigation. Occassionally the inspector encounters conditions such as unusual installations that require research to verify if the modification is acceptable before sending out the reports.

Fees & Payment Options

Fees for our services depend upon several factors including square footage, travel distance, on-site and in-office time, and the type of inspections requested. In general, our fees range from $145.00 for a pest & dry rot inspection on a small home to $500.00 for a pest & dry rot and whole house inspection on a larger home. Exceptionally large structures or additional services requested may require a larger monetary investment. While we are not the "cheapest" inspection firm in town, we believe our services will save buyers and sellers time and money by knowing up-front the strengths and weaknesses of properties instead of finding out when it may be too late.

Peace of mind is priceless.

We offer a $50 discount if the whole house inspection and pest & dry rot inspection are scheduled at the same time. This is offered because scheduling the two inspections at the same time saves Nathan time as opposed to making two separate trips. This discount may be split between the seller and the buyer if they are splitting the inspection fees also.

Payment is expected at the time of inspection unless prior arrangements have been made through our office. Clients may pay at the time of the inspection with a check, money order, or cash; or we accept Visa and MasterCard at our office. At our discretion, we may extend a billing option to assist clients who would prefer to pay at escrow for an additional fee of $25.00. Payment is expected without delay if the said escrow should fail to close.

Spending a few hundred dollars in the beginning may save you thousands of dollars later.


During most times of the year, we are typically scheduled 3-5 business days in advance for professional home inspections, and less for pest & dry rot inspections. Typical real estate contracts allow 10 business days to obtain and approve of inspections. We do maintain a list of properties that can be "moved up" in the event of a cancellation.

We schedule inspections Monday through Friday with a variety of times so there are several options to accommodate our clients' busy schedules and real estate contract deadlines. For professional home inspections on an average-sized single-family home, we allow approximately 2 1/2 hours for the inspection and approximately 30-45 minutes after that for the client walk-through. Pest & dry rot inspections are typically scheduled for approximately 1 hour. While we try to maintain a consistent scheduling policy to make the most of each day, please let us know if you have time constraints and we will do our best to find a workable solution.


At our discretion, we may offer discounts to repeat clients, or investors who are requesting inspection services for multiple properties.

We appreciate the men and women who serve our country and we are pleased to offer a discount to members of the armed services. Please let us know if this applies to you.

Home Choosing Your Inspector Home Inspection Benefits for Sellers Home Inspection Benefits for Buyers Our Services Related Links Frequently Asked Questions Photo Gallery & Testimonials Contact Us
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